Frequently Asked Questions

What IS Card v Card?

At its core, Card v Card is a game. Every player has a card linked to a bank account that sometimes has money in it. When MSCHF puts money in the account, all players are notified and can try to spend as much of it as they can.

How do I get my card?

Get on the waitlist from this website! We’ll send out access codes on Monday September 21st by text message. Cards are free if you are selected - once you get a code, redeem it on this site and your card will be mailed to you.

How does it work?

The game is live starting October 1st. Once you have a card, watch out for text messages alerting you that there’s money in the account! The Card v Card notification phone number is +1 940 220 3898. We’d suggest adding our number to your contacts just in case.

The trick to playing Card v Card is that if you overdraft the account you won’t be able to complete your purchase. So, if we put $2000 in the account, it wouldn’t be wise to try to purchase a $2000 item: odds are someone else has purchased something already, so your card will be declined.

Is this legal?

Yep, 100%. MSCHF built Card v Card with Privacy, an official card issuer. Card v Card uses only existing stock parts of credit card infrastructure - the same kind of system used for a corporate expense account, for example.

How long is this going to run?

Until we get bored! But seriously: several months, during which time we’ll put money into play once a week - but we won’t tell you exactly how often or when ;)

Does this have any impact on my own financials?

NO. Card v Card has no impact on your bank account, your other credit cards, or your credit score. It also has NO tax implications for you. Technically all the cards are “ours” - they don’t have your name on them, and aren’t linked to you as the player.

Card V Card is
MSCHF Drop #29
Card V Card
is MSCHF Drop #29